Lead Services:

RRP Inspections:


Since April 2010, federal law requires contractors that disturb lead-based paint in homes, child care facilities and schools built before 1978 to be certified and follow specific work practices to prevent lead contamination. Also, the EPA's information pamphlet, "Renovate Right", must be distributed to tenants and/or owners of the property prior to beginning work.

Older homes, child care facilities and schools are more likely to contain Lead-based paint. Surfaces that are determined to be free of lead-based paint are exempt from the Rule. You have three options to determine if the surfaces to be distributed contain lead based paint:

  • You must assume that lead-based paint is present and follow lead-safe work practices during the renovation, repair or painting job.
  • You may also test for lead using a lead test kit approved by the EPA available at most hardware stores. Although approved by the EPA, this method is not approved by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).
  • You can hire a CDPH certified lead inspector to check for lead-based paint.

Depending on your needs, we can perform a Lead Determination on specific surfaces you may be distributing during the renovation, repair or painting project. We can also perform a Lead Inspection/Risk Assessment of the entire housing unit including all common areas. This is a very comprehensive inspection in which all surfaces are tested and documented on a report form.

Lead Clearance Inspections:

Lead clearance inspections are conducted after any activity that disturbs lead based paint. These investigations are based on protocols established by HUD. Clearance Inspections consist of a visual inspection to confirm all hazard work has been completed in an acceptable manner as well a dust wipe protocol to confirm that all spaces were properly cleaned and are safe for reoccupation. Dust samples are sent to an accredited lab to ensure lead dust levels do not exceed standards established by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and HUD clearance limits.

Lead Awareness Training:

The training complies with the training requirements as listed 8 CCR 1532.1 (I) (1)(A). In summary, this training complies with Hazard Communication Training for lead as discussed in 8 CCR 5194. This training is also known as "hazard communication," or "lead awareness" training and is usually done in less than hour depending on the work the employee will conduct. Topics covered in the training included the following:

  • Lead and Its Uses
  • Health Effects
  • Discussion of Lead related medical problems
  • Smoking and Lead/ Hygiene
  • Medical Surveillance
  • Regulations & Requirements

Lead Paint Surveys and Assessments:

Buildings built before 1978 may contain lead based paint which can pose a serious health hazard. Lead surveys and assessments are performed by California Department of Public Health (CDPH) certified lead inspectors. Lead paint surveys are conducted using EPA and HUD guidelines. Testing is performed with an X-ray fluorescence analyzer (XRF). XRF technology is the most accurate lead detection technology available. It’s safe, non-invasive and detects lead in seconds. The results of the surveys and risk assessments are compiled and documented in clear, concise reports detailing locations, condition, and recommendations.